Life Lessons

 January 22, 2018

When faced with a disappointment, setback or failure, we tend to ask ourselves, “Why”?  Why am I going through this?  Depending on the situation, we also find ourselves asking, “How”? How could this happen to me?     In addition to asking Why? And How? it is also important to ask “What”?  Specifically, what am I to learn from this situation?

When answering these pointed questions, we often look through the lens of negativity for insight and understanding.  From this perspective, the challenges we face overshadow our ability to realize that things happen in our lives for a reason.

Since grade school, it was always my desire to become a lawyer.   I earned a college degree, took the law school admission test several times and applied to various law schools.   Unfortunately, each time my application was denied.   After doing all I could to make my dream a reality, I realized that law school was not in God’s plans for my life. The denials served me well and profoundly altered the course of my life.

My former pastor often said that “God disappoints our hopes to enlarge our vision”.   At this point in my life, despite not becoming a lawyer or reaching other goals or opportunities I had hoped to achieve, I understand that my steps were being ordered in another direction.   I don’t ask why?  But rather what?   What has God created me for?  And for what purpose has He blessed me with the gifts and talents I possess?

Despite our desires, God delays and denies certain blessings because we are not ready or prepared to receive them.  To shape and mold us for our destiny and to walk in our purpose, doors must close. We are rerouted off pathways leading to dead ends, unnecessary delays and detours.   These lessons provide the push we often need to move out of our comfort zone into our purpose and destiny.

So you didn’t get the job you applied for, the loan wasn’t approved, or your application was denied.  I know it hurts, is disheartening and may even be a bit discouraging.  But, what are you going to do about it?  Whether things do or do not work for you, push on.  Keep a positive attitude. Consider other opportunities. Move forward and take steps toward personal growth and development.

As the new year continues to unfold, think about your experiences and the valuable lessons to be learned as a result of them.   When you do, make it a point to not only ask “why” or “how” but more importantly “what”?

With Brotherly Love,

John H. Moses

Don’t let your C.H.O.I.C.E.S. hinder your chances.   Remember to Choose Healthy Options that Instill Character in Every Situation!



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