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What is Well-Suited for Manhood?

Well-Suited for Manhood is a male development program that emphasizes character virtues and positive self-image. Through the use of social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), school programs and community outreach efforts, the primary goal of Well Suited for Manhood is to provide a platform for young males (particularly African American) to receive guidance, information and inspiration that will have a positive influence on their self-esteem, behavior and appearance as they transition into responsible manhood.

By working together with other organizations, schools and dedicated men who have a genuine interest in educating young men about the importance of character and self-image, Well-Suited for Manhood aim to positively impact the lives of young males and in turn encourage them to impact the lives of other males.

Toward this end, Well-Suited for Manhood is committed to offering a practical approach to assisting young males with seeing options, weighing consequences and making positive C.H.O.I.C.E.S.

Who We Serve:

Well-Suited for Manhood serves young males, of any age, who lack a positive male role model or are in need of support, guidance and direction in order to lead a productive, responsible and self-disciplined life.