We challenge you to:

  1. Change what and how you dress from that which make you Feared (sagging pants) to Favored (suit, shirt and tie, or button-up shirt and pants) when you are in public.
  2. Post a selfie showing your positive sense of style and what you’ve accomplished (perhaps a photo of your certificate, diploma or degree) or a short video highlighting your talents (singing or dancing) on Instagram at #favorednotfeared and wellsuitedformanhood.
  3. Like our Facebook page @WellSuitedMan
  4. Tag other young black males who are also doing positive things to join the Movement.

By joining the movement, you help to:

  • Promote a positive image of young black males
  • Serve as an example for others who don’t think they have better options.

Together, let’s show the world that we are Black Males who are Favored and not to be Feared!