About WSM



The inspiration to establish Well-Suited for Manhood as a male development program came after organizing a Manhood Symposium for a church in Detroit, Michigan and as a direct response to President Barak Obama’ My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. In an effort to counteract the negative image and low self-esteem of young males, the idea of educating young males (particularly African American) about the importance of character and self-image was conceived. On October 7, 2015, Well-Suited for Manhood was registered with the Wayne County Clerk’s office doing business as an Assumed Name.


The mission of Well-Suited for Manhood is to develop the positive self-image and character of young males, (particularly African American) by encouraging them to make positive C.H.O.I.C.E.S. (Choose Healthy Options that Instill Character in Every Situation) as they transition into manhood.


The goals of Well-Suited for Manhood are to:

• Develop moral character and personal maturity
• Build/Improve self-awareness and self-confidence
• Present positive images and perceptions of young males
• Teach respect for self, women, authority and others.
• Provide young males with reliable role models to support and encourage them to manhood

The specific objectives are as follows:

• To improve the self-image and self-esteem of young males by providing opportunities that will inspire and encourage their ambitions, and develop their character.
• To provide an opportunity for constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas and viewpoints surrounding issues affecting males.